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cantemoiuosta asked:

Hello there! :D I'd like you to answer these questions: 2, 3, 5, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17. Thanks!

2. favourite song lyrically: Empty Words - Death.

3. favourite song musically: probably the most difficult to answer but I’d go with Toccatta i Fuga - J.S. Bach or Czardas - Vittorio Monti.

5.the band you want to get back together most: in the realm of what’s possible possible I’d say Pantera, in the realm of impossible I’d have to go with Death.

10. favourite gig you’ve been to: Lamb of God @ Optimus Alive ‘09 I guess because it was their first (and only) show here and I was so hyped! Still hoping they return soon. But I’ve been lucky enought to see amazing shows from many bands throughout the years.

13. are you a CD/vinyl person or an MP3 download person?: I never cared much about vinyl tbh (my dad was addicted to buying vinyls though), and before this super digital age I’d buy every CD I could, but nowadays it’s space efficient/saving to get them digitally on iTunes.

14 favourite album to listen to in full: Any Carach Angren album, and preferably played in order. The way you experience it it’s just like a movie but you just imagine the visual part. They are awesome!

15. a song to sum up this year so far: This has been a shitty year so I guess a brutal song is in order to drive all the negative shit away, hum, I’d go with Scourge of Iron - Cannibal Corpse.

17. favourite album artwork: Such a difficult one, but I’d say any Mastodon album has amazing artwork.

Thank you so very much :)

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